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MagIA Diagnostics was founded in 2017 and is based in Grenoble (France). We have developed a highly innovative and generic technology allowing for easy transfer of any immunoassay onto our portable system. MagIA Diagnostics unique value is to deliver any of our partner’s immunoassays directly to the patient through our Point-of-Care devices.


MagIA Diagnostics technology results from 15 years of collaboration between several research institutes. The company’s multi-patented core innovation was developed by our CTO Guillaume Blaire during his PhD in 2013. The consortium called upon Paul Kauffmann, now CEO, who had worked from almost 10 years in the biomedical field in the US and France. Sarah Delshadi and Mario Fratzl soon joined the group during their PhDs and are now responsible for the biochemical and mechanical R&D. The highly interdisciplinary team was completed by the arrival of our CFO Cédric Bruix in 2017, bringing us 20+ years experience in the investment fund industry.

Sarah Delshadi

Head of Biological Development

Sarah is the biologist of the team, trained in in vitro diagnostics. In 2013, she developed a biomolecular test for infectious diseases at the Institut Pasteur (Madagascar). During her PhD (IAB and G2ELab), she developed the MagIA protocol. Since 2017, she overviews the transfer of clinical assays and regulatory affairs at MagIA diagnostics.

Mario Fratzl

Head of Mechanical Development

Mario joined the MagIA Diagnostics team in spring 2015 as a masters student in mechatronics engineering. He possesses strong skills in microfluidics, mechanical modeling and design. He is currently preparing his PhD, during which he is developing innovative, micromagnetic structures for MagIA.


Our board

Paul Kauffmann


Paul is the project leader of MagIA Diagnostics. After a PhD in magnetism applied to biomanipulation in Grenoble, Paul evolved internationally in the US and in France in two start-up companies mainly focused on cell manipulation and innovative throughput screening solutions. In December 2014, he returned to Grenoble to join our group and launch the start-up.

Guillaume Blaire


Guillaume invented the MagIA diagnostics technology during his PhD in Grenoble. After majoring in physics, Guillaume developed a profound interest in biophysics. An interdisciplinary project between the founders’ labs offered him the possibility to explore the potential of micromagnetism in immunological research. Guillaume leads the research activities at MagIA Diagnostics.

Cédric Bruix


After graduating from ESSEC Business School (Paris), Cédric worked at Banque Paribas in France and in New York in structured finance transactions. In 1999, he joined the European private equity investor, Argos Soditic, where he spent 17 years (inc.10 years as partner) leading investments in France and in Switzerland. Cédric joined MagIA Diagnostics in 2017, in charge of Finance & Administration.

Véronique Massé

Laboratory manager

Véronique manages MagIA’s biochemical lab. She is a biology lab technician by training, with previous work experiences at CEA, Université catholique de Louvain and the Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP). She joined the team in September 2017.


Franz Bruckert

LMGP Director



Orphée Cugat

Researcher, G2Elab


Nora Dempsey

Researcher, I. Néel


Patrice Marche

Researcher, IAB



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