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The growing challenges of personalised health approaches and pandemic risk management drive the need for decentralised diagnostic solutions. MagIA diagnostics versatility and simplicity allow point-of-care applications for optimal medical decision. We are open to new partnerships to develop clinical applications. 


MagIA diagnostics technology offers portative, sensitive molecule detection and quantitative serological results, with laboratory immunoassay performances. Several assays have been successfully transferred onto MagIA diagnostics devices:

Sandwich assays

Serological assays

C Reactive Protein

Toxoplasma gondii IgG / IgM


Malaria IgG



Most bioprocesses must be tightly monitored to achieve optimal production. MagIA diagnostics transfers your ELISA onto our laboratory device,giving you the opportunity for real time measurements, for enhanced productivity. 


We are open to new partnerships to develop bioprocess applications.



Epidemic surveillance is a major public health issue. MagIA  diagnostics transfers your laboratory immunoassay into our quantitative point-of-care device to test animals in the field. Any immunoassay can be transferred onto our MagIA laboratory device to get analysis results in only 10 minutes.


We are open to new partnerships to develop veterinary testing.



Thanks to its flexibility, MagIA diagnostics can be adapted to environmental testing. All ELISA formats can be transferred to a portative, fully quantitative solution.


We are open to new partnerships to develop environmental testing.

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