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our innovative, mobile diagnostic technology will impact the way health is monitored.


Transfer any immunoassay onto our versatile & portable platform


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Your immunoassay

can now be performed using a droplet of blood (5-10 µl )


Our portable platform measures 30x15x15 cm



MagIA diagnostics was founded in 2017 and is based in Grenoble (France). We have developed a highly innovative and generic technology allowing for easy transfer of any immunoassay onto our portable system. Based on our patented generic no-wash immunoassay technique emerging from 15 years of research, MagIA diagnostics unique value proposition is to bring lab immunoassays directly to the patient.


The growing challenges of pandemic risk management and personalised health approaches drive the need for decentralised diagnostic solutions. MagIA Diagnostics’ highly sensitive infectious disease screening platform integrates a multi-parameter lab-performant immuno-analysis on a single disposable chip. We develop a unique panel of infectious diseases assay chips, starting with a Hepatitis B and a combined HIV / Hepatitis screening panel to enhance access to care.


At MagIA diagnostics, we believe in accessible Point-of-Care diagnostics. To make it available to everyone, we are also developing a business-to-business approach: as companies providing immunologic diagnostic solutions (14B$ human immunodiagnostic market) are pushing to bring their products closer to the patients, we offer them access to our generic Point-of-Care platform. It preserves the laboratory sensitivity while significantly reducing test time (15 min) and sample volume (5 - 10 µl), offering a unique and highly relevant solution for all immunoassay applications.


Infectious disease screening

Portative,  multi-parameter lab-performant immuno-analysis on a single disposable chip.


Transfer your bioprocess ELISA to a real time measurement system. Tightly monitor your production, and enhance productivity.


Through technology co-development, we  transfer existing assays of diagnostic companies to our Point-of-Care platform.


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MagIA Diagnostics is located in CIME-NANOTECH, MINATEC, Grenoble (France)

-one tram stop or a short stroll from the train station-

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